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About Kara

Hey friend! 

     I’m Kara! From a young age, I have loved exploring new places and being outdoors. As a child, I was the one who was always excited to hike and wanted to keep going and was just enthusiastic about life! Not much has changed! ;) I have always had a passion for traveling and exploring new places, but being outdoors in nature, has always held a special place in my heart. I am blessed to come from a family that has ingrained that love of travel and making the most of each opportunity!


     I was born and raised in San Jose, California, in the same house. I love my family and have always been close with them, but I was born with a desire for adventure in my veins and when I graduated high school, I went straight across the country to row at Duke University. Because I don’t do things the normal way, I ended up transferring and spent my last 3 years of college at Seattle Pacific University where I graduated with a BA in communications. After I graduated, all I knew is I wanted an active job, where I can work with people. I loved my time in Seattle, but always had a desire to move south. 

      So, I kicked up my boots, and headed to good ol’ music city...Nashville, TN! My uncle, aunt, and 3 cousins live in TN, but besides that, I knew no one and had no job lined up. I found a job shortly after moving and had a short stint as a project coordinator. I felt trapped sitting in a cubicle at a computer all day and during my off times, I would be researching and dreaming about the next adventure. I ended up going back to school and doing an accelerated nursing program, which consumed most my time and made it hard to travel and even explore Nashville.  Since starting my nursing career, it has been a journey finding my place in nursing. I am now a mother/baby nurse and love working with the little babies and their mamas! Now that I am more settled, I am excited to be more intentional with traveling and exploring! working 3 12 hour shifts gives more freedom to explore! ;)

     I live in a house with 5 friends, including my sister! But I decided we needed one addition. I recently got a new adventure buddy, a bernedoodle named, Oakley!

     I have always been someone who lives life to the fullest and I love being able to bring people along on the journey with me! I am goofy (and love using puns, sorry in advance! haha!) and love to put a smile on people’s faces. My faith in Jesus is my number one. Being active, in nature, exploring new places and experiencing life with the people I love, fills me up and is what makes me feel most alive! And life is too short not to pursue the things you love! 

     I want this to be a place to document my adventures and what I have learned along the way. My ultimate desire is that this can inspire you to get out and adventure, to live life to the fullest, and to put a smile on your face! I want to go on this journey with YOU!

     So jump on the "kara-van" ;) and let’s take the adventurous route,

     ~Kara Renee’

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