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Hidden Nature Escape near Nashville, Tennessee

Beaman Park is a hidden escape located only 20 minutes outside Nashville!

Beaman Park Loop

Location: Nashville, TN (5911 Old Hickory Blvd, Nashville, TN 37015)

Length: 5.5 mile loop

Difficulty: moderate (Listed as moderate, but I thought it was easy)

Hours of operation: Dusk to dawn every day

History: What is now Beaman park, was once called, Paradise Ridge. It was land used for farming, orchards, lodging and making moonshine. In the 1970’s 2 physicians named, John Tudor and Robert McClellan purchased 1,500 acres for a hunting preserve. This was later purchased and generously donated by Sally Beaman to be used as a park for the city of Nashville. The Proctor family donated land in 2007 expanding the land to a total of 1688 acres. Beaman park was officially launched in 2013. Beaman park now offers over 14.6 miles of trails and 3 trail heads. There is a nature center located at Beaman park that offers “environmental education programs, school field trips, educator training workshops, outdoor recreation programs, and other special activities for people of all ages.” Press here to find more details at their website. Press here for history information.

About: Beaman park is a hidden treasure in Nashville. It feels like you are in the middle of nowhere, but only about 20 minutes from downtown Nashville. There are established trails, but they are developing more trails. This means more hikes to explore! :) The new signage was not well marked and we ended up on the new trail, which goes on for about 12 miles. If you are looking for a long hike or run, this is an excellent choice! There are also trail options that are shorter. It was fall, so the trees were full of color and made for a beautiful hike!

This is the perfect trail to get away from the city without having to travel and drive for hours! It wasn’t too difficult and I loved the mix of flat and hills. The trail is a dirt path that was well maintained. If you live near Nashville, or are in town visiting, I highly recommend Beaman Park!

Hop on the “kara-van” and let’s take the adventurous route!

~Kara Renee’



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