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Preservation Park

Battlefield Trail (according to AllTrails map)

Location: Thompson’s Station (1600 Thompson's Station Rd West Thompson’s Station, TN 37179)

Length: 3.4 miles loop

Difficulty: Easy

Hours of operation: 6:00am-8:00pm

History: Preservation park is over 200 acres of natural Tennessee landscape located in Thompson’s Station, Tennessee and was opened in 2014. It was the location of the battle of Thompson’s Station during the Civil War. Preservation park lives up to its name, as it was created with the intent of preserving cultural and historical heritage, as well as, providing a space for residents and guests to enjoy the natural beauty of Thompson’s Station. The master plan is still in the works for completing the park’s development.

Press here for the link to the park website for more information.

About Battlefield Trail at Preservation Park:

This was my first hike with my new pup, Oakley. She is still small and learning to walk on the leash, so I carried her in my puppy pouch most of the hike. But she enjoyed being outside and exploring a new place!

I followed the map from AllTrails and I entered the trail farthest from the parking lot, past the horses. I did not see a sign for the battlefield trail, but followed AllTrails, which led to to a sign for the railroad trail and depot trail. AllTrails stated the battlefield trail is 3.4 miles, whereas the park map says it is 1.1 miles. I decided to follow AllTrails because I wanted a longer hike. Needless to say, AllTrails and the park map were not the same.

There are other trails that veer off different directions, and in typical Kara fashion, I pretty much went every wrong turn, but still made it back before dark! ;) I forgot to start my fitbit, so I’m not sure my exact mileage. One of my favorite discoveries on this hike was a large, old, rundown barn. It is super cool! In order to follow the 3.4 mile hike, you will turn left and walk by barn (it will be on your right), do not continue straight (like I did).

Keep in mind, the AllTrails map is not consistent with the map and markings of the park. Whether you follow all trails or the park’s map, you will have a beautiful experience. Part of the walk was on grass and had an open field feel, but then you will suddenly walk into the forest and feel like you are far away in the mountains. It was such a fun discovery and I am excited to have this trail so close to my house! I’m surprised I just discovered this now! I’m looking forward to seeing how they expand the park and for new trails to explore!

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~Kara Renee’



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